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Dragged by the power of dreams;

{ that power is yet unknown. }

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Name:The Realm of Sleep
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1. If you are here, you are here at your own risk. There will be no warnings for spoilers in posts, icons, etc. save for this and the header of the community.

2. Please, do not cause OOC drama. Keep all drama strictly IC--and no, that doesn't mean to cross the IC/OOC divide.

3. If you have a problem, please contact one of the mods.

4. Multiples and AUs and everything are welcome. This place is just for fun, and you can continue to play regardless of spoilers!

5. No apps necessary! No, really! Just post and play!

6. This DR takes place in the Realm of Sleep. That means you can have pretty much any setting ever. So, have fun with that. Travel is fluid because, again, Realm of Sleep!

7. Pleas tag your posts with your character and either AU or OU. Original character is all that's needed for OCs.

8. Have fun. No, seriously, that's what this place is for.

IC Comm || OOC Comm
Art © NOR

Any comments, concerns or questions of any sort? Bring them here.

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